Capitol Hill Pet Care
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YourPup's Home Away From Home
We recognize that any pet 
we care for is completely dependent on us
so why not provide them with the best experiences every day all day?! 
About Us
Animals are our world
Capitol Hill Pet Care offers your pup the best home away from home experience. 
This company started from a love for animals.  From fostering and adopting, to dog sitting and hosting, we have experienced it all and want to provide the best luxury home environment for your pups each and every single day.  
Dogs are grouped depending on their temperament, play style, and energy level. Play groups are on a constant rotation throughout the morning to ensure that play is happy and friendly! Everybody gets a mid-day break and/or nap and then the play groups get going again in the afternoon! Throughout the day, good manners, like sitting politely, waiting for a treat, taking treats nicely, taking turns going through a doorway, and no barking are encouraged!